Batteries & Hazardous Items

Remember to dispose of these safely – nobody needs a truck fire!

Batteries & Hazardous Items

Remember, lead acid batteries for cars or lithium-ion batteries (and anything other than standard household batteries) cannot go into either your red-lid rubbish bin or yellow-lid recycling bin, as they present a dangerous risk of fire.

Single use batteries (e.g. AA, AAA, C, D) can be put into your red-lid rubbish bin or taken to battery collection sites, such as ITRecycla in Gracefield (who take and recycle every type of battery) and some retail stores (e.g. Bunnings Petone).

Other batteries, such as lead acid batteries for cars or lithium-ion batteries, can be taken to the Silverstream Landfill transfer station. There's a dedicated drop off point for batteries as you enter the station.

Remember: Please don’t put anything hot into your bins. Coal, ashes, burnt paper, cigarettes... make sure it’s room temperature before putting it into your red-top rubbish bin.