Bin enquiries

Visit our bin enquiry form below for information on what to do if your bin wasn’t emptied, changing bin sizes, getting an extra bin in special circumstances, getting a green waste bin, ordering a bin for a new property, getting help with your kerbside collection due to a disability or medical reason, and more!

Bin enquiries

When and where should I put my bins out?


You can find out when your bins and crate will be collected by checking the collection day search bar on the main page. Search for your address to view your recycling and green waste calendars.

Please make sure that your bins are out by 6am on collection day. This is fairly early, so we recommend putting them out the evening before. Be sure to bring your bins back onto your property within 24 hours of collection.

If your collection day falls on either Good Friday, Christmas Day (25 December) or New Year’s Day (1 January), then your collection will take place on the first Saturday immediately after the public holidays. Collections will take place as normal on all other public holidays.

If you need help putting your bins out due to a disability or medical reason, please let us know via or bin enquiry form or get in touch on 04 570 6666 /


Place your bins as close as possible to the kerb with the council logo facing the road, and half a metre between each bin or crate. Please make sure that your blue glass crate is not in front or behind your red-top rubbish bin or yellow-top recycling bin.

Please keep lids closed with the latches fastened. If you can’t close the lid, the bin is too full and might not be collected. If you need an extra bin latch, please get in touch via our bin enquiry form.

If you can’t fit your bins / crate outside your property, please find an alternative location on the kerbside to place your them and crate if it's not possible to do so outside your property.

Please don't fill your bins and glass crate past the rim - they may not be emptied otherwise, as over-full bins / crates can be difficult to collect.

Remember: We can all work together to make sure the bins don’t block footpaths or driveways, which is especially important for footpath users, especially disabled people and pram users.

Your landlord pays for the rubbish and recycling bins as part of the property’s rates. If you want to change the size of your bins, please talk to your landlord.

You can indeed! When you first visit the web app on your mobile, you should be prompted to add the app to your home screen. If you've dismissed the prompt, you'll be asked again after at least a week.

This is a 'progressive' web app, so no install is required. The website simply uses the functionality of your phone, meaning no risk of invasion of privacy.

If you'd like to add the app manually, please follow the below instructions for your device.


  • In Safari, go to
  • Tap the Share icon (the square with the arrow pointing out of it) at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Add to Home Screen.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.


  • In Chrome, go to
  • Tap the three vertical dots at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Add to Home Screen.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

Rates legislation states that rates are set for the year, based on property information held by Council as of 1 July. Once rates are set for the year, they cannot be changed.

This means that for any bin change you request, your rates will reflect the change from the following 1 July – the start of the next rating year. Changes to rates cannot be backdated. This also applies to any request to add or remove a green waste service. Service fees may apply for some changes.

Service Bin Size 2023 - 2024
Annual Charge
Rubbish 80L $115.00
  120L $175.00
  240L $350.00
Rubbish - Properties able to be serviced but not serviced   $115.00
Recycling 120L and 240L $128.00
Green Waste   $105.00

1-2 bedrooms = 80l bin, 2-3 bedrooms = 120l bin, 4+ bedrooms = 240l bin

If you have been given an extra bin latch from Council, here's how to fit it:

  • Place the latch under the handle.
  • Thread rounded end through the slot with the part that hooks onto the lip of the bin facing
    towards the bin.
  • The strap will need to be tightly attached before you can pull the latch down to lock.

Your home's ideal bin size

1-2 bedrooms = 80l bin, 2-3 bedrooms = 120l bin, 4+ bedrooms = 240l bin